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For years Roberta and Joe kept the idea and a name in the back of their heads, gathering office equipment and tools. Roberta inspected a building location unaware by Joe. Upon seeing the location she liked the building and without much hesitation signed the lease for the beginning of J&R Transmission.

Later that evening Roberta took Joe to see the location and he approved that it would be a nice building to start their dream, she then gave him the news that is was theirs.

"I'll never forget Joe's face, Roberta said when she told him that they had the building for their dream of a transmission shop."

Roberta had been teaching mechanics to a local home-school network, and Joe had been a transmission mechanic for years. Their combined experience and dislike of automotive shops that were run poorly and without good customer service influenced them in their decision and the DBA name "J&R Transmission" was acquired.

Due to local news, family, friends and word of mouth referrals, Joe and Roberta out grew their first location in only a few short months. In January 2000 they moved to their current location on 504 S. Monroe St., Monroe, MI. 48161

J & R Transmission offers you experience, respect, honesty, personalized service and straight forward
answers on all your automobile repairs. We are located in Monroe Michigan.